Teamex Jute Mills Ltd.

Spinning with care

Teamex Jute Mills Ltd.

Spinning with care

Teamex Jute Mills Ltd.

Spinning with care

Who Are We?

We are spinners of jute yarn for use in carpet looms. Adding value to all phases of the business through effective teamwork is our ethos. At Teamex, each relationship is treated with attention and respect. This policy has rewarded us with tremendous support and has allowed us to stand tall in this unpredictable world.

Why Jute?

Jute offers unparalleled strength and durability in the realms of natural fibers. The price point of jute is appealing when compared to its alternative products. It grows without use of fertilizers and pesticides relying on natural rainfall. Biodegradability and positive impact on the fertility of soil, it grows on, makes it eco-friendly. Jute farming is the livelihood of millions of people in the developing countries.

Our Features

Superior Products

Produces exclusive, premium and high-quality product as compared to available alternatives and substitutes.

Timely Delivery

Deliver products to buyer on time.

Environment Friendly

Helping the environment by using Raw Jute as the Materials of production.

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